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8/30/2023 Mark Doughty Saigon
Great interview with Gary Chaffee. The discussion about the state of modern popular music rings true for anyone with an ear. 2 chord garbage has ruined so many beautiful sunsets,meals, coffee's,beers for me. Luckily in Saigon a few of us have found a place where we can turn off the cicada hats and play some music. Playing early 70s Herbie to a 20 something is a joy. Huge respect from Saigon.
8/5/2023 Marsh Clarke Qld
Hi Vinnie, I'm a friend of Miriam's (and admirer of the breadth of your musicianship.) Miriam called me when my twin brother was sick (he was a pro bassist, having backed Ike Isaacs, Herb Ellis and Joe Pass in a workshop setting plus many of Australia's jazz artists.) And she put you on the blower knowing I was an admirer, it was such a shot in the arm to hear from you both. Brad died over 2 years ago n I've slowly crawled out from under my rock (I had go into covid quarantine for a month b4 being allowed to see him at $4000 my cost n missed out on a month of time with my twin, he was dead in 6 months) I've since drowned my phone falling off a boat! (that's another story) and lost Miriam's contact details. Could u ask her to contact Marsh 0456550234 or much respect
5/13/2023 Don Richart Peoria, AZ
Hey my friend, I keep missing you at the NAMM show. Hope all is well with you and family. Picked up a pair of the Vater signature sticks, I love them Vinnie, they play really nice, and weighted very well. Vater did a number on these. Appreciate everything you are doing. Let us know if you are playing anywhere. In HIS Grip, DL Richart
4/8/2023 Tommy Sahlin Göteborg, Sweden
Hi Vinnie & all! My neice Stina, who is 19 years old, recently applied for a musicians university here in Gothenburg, Sweden as a drummer with a video audition of "Stay With Me" by Gino Vannelli from the amazing Nightwalker album. She put together, arranged and produced it all herself. Everyone performing is 19 years old (except her dad - my brother - who had to jump in on keyboards due to illness of the original keyboard player). Pleeeease please please leave your comments here, especially Vinnie yourself but anyone is very appreciated - it would mean the world to Stina! Happy Easter & many thanks in advance /Tommy
2/24/2023 Joe Miceli Lake Camanche CA
Happy belated birthday Vinnie!!! You are a inspiration and a deep thoughtful person. Have a great Blessed day for you and your loved ones. Fellow drummer Joe Miceli
2/6/2023 Kent Klaus Knudsen Danmark/Aarhus
2/5/2023 Daniel Burrow St. Louis MO
Hey Vin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! You have always been humble & generous with your time every time our paths have crossed through the years! I hope they do again in the near future.. or sometime this side of heaven! Keep doing what you do so well on the drums & online!... breakfast rocks with you! Love ya , God bless you & yours always ❤️🥁🙏🇺🇸
2/5/2023 Konrad Chachula Sieradz, Poland
Happy birthday my master. I have followed you for 30 years. You are my music hero so I wish you 100 years in good health and keep being inspiration for me and other musicians.
2/5/2023 Steve Bivins Texas
Happy Birthday Vinnie!!!
2/5/2023 Armando Romoli Italy
Happy birthday MAESTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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