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4/7/2022 Scott "Bob Bitchin" Magallanes Hell
Looks like a "bad ass", pro drummer!
2/14/2022 Lincoln H Australia
Here’s Cheers Vinny! Greetings from the country formerly known as Australia ;-) lol
2/10/2022 Andrea Carnio Italia
happy birthday too late sir Vincent
2/5/2022 Dan Stueber Portland Oregon
Happy Birthday Vinnie!
2/5/2022 Armando Romoli Italy
Happy birrhday Maestro!!!!!!!!
2/5/2022 Paul Marangoni Los Angeles, California
Happy Birthday!
2/5/2022 Tommaso D'Alessandro Italy
Happy Birthday Vincenzo, thanks for the inspiration you blessed us over the years!
2/4/2022 Sal Sofia Texas
Dear Vinnie, I really enjoyed the “Breakfast with Vinnie “, thank you 🙏🏻 . I Take the opportunity to wish you, Have a great Happy Birthday 🎊🎂. Be well and stay safe. —Sal Sofia
1/3/2022 Martin Lorenzen Germany
Dear Vinnie, happy new year to you and thanks for all the inspiration! You continue to innovate and surprise me. Always something unexpected and new to discover, no repetitive patterns. You are the epitomy of freshness and musicality on drums, in my humble opinion but I never got the chance to witness you live. PLEASE JOIN the HERBIE tour this year! Silly YouTube-clips do not do you justice. Europe wants you!
12/24/2021 Sal Sofia Texas
Dear Vinnie, Thank you for the wishes. Your program "Breakfast with Vinnie" is very informative and lets the audience into part of your life. Some people that follow you are not aware of the multi-faceted music business so your candid discussions are helpful. Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New year, --Sal
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