Year Artist Title
2020 John Beasley MONK'estra Plays
2020 Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp Isolation
2020 David Sancious Eyes Wide Open
2020 Dan Rosenboom Absurd In The Anthropocene
2019 Joe Pesci Pesci... Still Singing
2019 Kenny Pore A Place Across Town
2019 Mike Stern & Jeff Lorber Fusion Eleven
2019 Lari Basilio Far More
2019 Briand Boursin Rohr The View Inside
2019 Sting My Songs
2019 Alan Parsons The Secret
2019 Claudia Campagnol Conquer The World
2019 Oz Noy Booga Looga Loo
2019 Keiko Matsu Echo
2019 Douglas Saab Saab Guitar Project
2018 Krzysztof Herdzin Kingdom of Ants
2018 Steve Perry Traces
2018 Claudia Brant Sincera
2018 Randy Waldman Superheroes
2018 Arc Trio Arc Trio
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