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6/28/2019 Sebastian Munoz-Gonzalez France
Bonjour Mr COLAIUTA Vous êtes un Titan de la batterie, comme Prométhée pour les hommes mais avec le destin funeste en moins, vous nous montrez le chemin, il n'y a plus qu'à travailler dure, dure, dure.
6/19/2019 Shane Sheaf Columbus, Ohio
Vinnie is my number 1 favorite drummer!
6/6/2019 Annabel Harrold New Zealand
The most sensational drumming I have experienced last night in Wellington, NZ. Astounding.
5/17/2019 Hiro Susuki Nara/Japan
I love playing the drum. However, the more I find there is to be learnt and difficulties.
5/9/2019 Roberto Pastor Los Angeles
Love your music. Roberto Pastor drummer.
5/2/2019 Paul Marangoni Los Angeles, California
I love the music and your playing on Mark Isaacs' Resurgence record. Man, oh man it's tasty.
2/28/2019 Kelvin Cruz Aracaju - Brasil
Mestre Vinnie, parabéns pelo trabalho, obrigado pela imensa contribuição para a bateria que vem vendo dando, você é a minha maior referência, inspiração e influência de baterista.
2/10/2019 joe rizzo United States
Thank you Vinnie, for that Spectacular performance with Herbie at NJPAC 2/9/19 You are a Creative Musical Genius that continues to inspire all of us Drummers, Musicians, music lovers. Music is the Best.
2/6/2019 alex bugnoli italy
Happy Birthday God !!!
2/6/2019 Dean Wuksta
Hi, saw u with Bill Evans and had a quick chat, then Sting here in WA, my fav drummer, massive influence, hope to see u again sometime in WA
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