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10/14/2019 Lucas Scoz Santa Catarina, Brasil
Hi Mr. Vinnie! I am a big fan of your work. I dream of someday playing drums like you. Big hug from Brazil!
10/4/2019 Stephanie Nies Las Vegas, Nevada
STILL a huge fan!! I hope all is well! We will have to catch up again soon! It’s been far too long! Stephanie Nies-Peterson
9/20/2019 TOM MALACHIN Maricopa, Az.
So Vinnie, I'll be at the Celebrity theater in Phoenix on the 24th. Been a long time since we've seen each other in Republic, Pa. Yes....Republic Pa. Remember the days of your Grandma and my Mom visiting. Wish there was a way to hook up at the show to say hello and good bye just one more time. I'm excited to know the worlds best drummer. Tom Malachin
9/19/2019 Jonathan Belzley Tulsa
So glad to see you with Jeff last night! Amazing show. Thank you. co' 03
7/24/2019 Stef. Belanger GTA
We want more Live Muse TV sessions per cortesia !!! 😊😊
6/28/2019 Sebastian Munoz-Gonzalez France
Bonjour Mr COLAIUTA Vous êtes un Titan de la batterie, comme Prométhée pour les hommes mais avec le destin funeste en moins, vous nous montrez le chemin, il n'y a plus qu'à travailler dure, dure, dure.
6/19/2019 Shane Sheaf Columbus, Ohio
Vinnie is my number 1 favorite drummer!
6/6/2019 Annabel Harrold New Zealand
The most sensational drumming I have experienced last night in Wellington, NZ. Astounding.
5/17/2019 Hiro Susuki Nara/Japan
I love playing the drum. However, the more I find there is to be learnt and difficulties.
5/9/2019 Roberto Pastor Los Angeles
Love your music. Roberto Pastor drummer.
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