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7/13/2018 Jesús Valencia Granados
Hola Vinnie, me encantaron la percusiones que hiciste para Alejandro Sanz en “No es lo mismo” y en el MTV fuiste un mounstro en el mejor sentido de la palabra. Maestro 👏🏻🥁
6/16/2018 Keith Trainer United Kingdom
Hi Vinnie. I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for a great show in Liverpool tonight with Jeff Beck. I have a lot of your studio recordings but this is the first time that I have had the chance to see you live. It was such an honour to see you play. Thanks ever so much to you and the rest of the band for an amazing night. Best of luck with the rest of the tour!
6/14/2018 Kevin Connor Glasgow
Hi Vinnie , Your performance at the Glasgow Concert Hall was just mind blowing . Real passion , power and perfect timing . It really made the show . Jeffs playing obviously was off the scale , but I cannot think of a drummer in over 40 years of going to concerts as good as you . We actually saw you having a coffee at the stage door but didn’t want to bother you . Thanks Kevin
6/9/2018 Fridrik Sigurdsson Norway
HI VINNIE Thx for an excellent concert last night in Netherlands!
5/6/2018 Elad Shefer Israel
Cheers Vinnie for all these years of Inspiration! All the best & God Bless
4/21/2018 Hugh Jones Australia
Hi Vinnie, Thanks for all your inspiration over the years!!! When is your next tour to Oz? Big Love
4/15/2018 Ilario Fogli Mestre
Vinnie is just still the most powerful drummer!
3/26/2018 Jerry Iacangelo New Jersey
Hi Vinnie, Just listened to Wishing on the Moon with Marilyn Scott. What a gorgeous song and fine work by you and the other legendary musicians. Thank you for bringing me so much joy with your playing. Jerry Iacangelo
3/3/2018 Paul Milcheck San Francisco
Yo Vince,not sure if you heard this, but Jim Staggers died back in May of last year. Damn bud, we're all getting too old.
2/6/2018 dwayne moore Indiana
Vinnie, Happy Birthday and many blessings! We hope to see you at Indianapolis' Jazz Kitchen. Drummers like Peter Erskine, Billy Cobham, Steve Smith, Simon Phillips and Dave Weckl have played there. God Bless!
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